Gratitude Entry (No. 4)

Today I am grateful for my fellow bloggers — for the ones who make me feel less alone (this morning, it was skinnyhobbit’s post about math, societal/familial pressure, and D&D); the ones who provide resource and support in troubled times (this morning, it was a helpful checklist for communicating with victims of trauma, posted on Don’t Lose Hope); and the ones who have made me feel a part of a community (like Ms. Ashley at Mental Health @ Home, and SnapDragonX at Snippets of SnapDragon).

You have all touched my life… even if I haven’t mentioned you in this post — if you follow me, or I follow you — you are a treasured part of my blogosphere; and I thank you. You make me a better writer.

12 thoughts on “Gratitude Entry (No. 4)

    1. Alessa Moon says:

      Me too! I apologize for allowing our pen-pal escapade to lapse. I just get overwhelmed. (And it has nothing to do with you, my beautiful friend!) 🤦🏻‍♀️

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