Gratitude Entry (No. 8)

Nothing makes me laugh harder — or with more repeated consistency — than The Office on Netflix.

I have seriously watched the entire series — beginning to end — at least five times over the past eighteen months. It is my ultimate “comfort binge.”

Sadly, the show is leaving Netflix. As we ring in the New Year, The Office will be returning to NBC’s streaming service: Peacock. While the first two seasons will be available for non-subscribers (with “limited interuptions”); viewers will have to subscribe to a Peacock Premium Plan to watch the final seven seasons.

NBC is banking on loyal fans of the show to subscribe — increasing the legitimacy of their service; and of course, their revenue stream. Loyal, I am… willing to pay for another streaming service? I am not.

This morning, however, I am grateful to Ricky Gervais for creating the series. I am grateful for the stellar cast that managed to keep the show going, following the loss of Steve Carrell. I am grateful for the laughter — and the happy tears. But most of all? I’m grateful that I can purchase it on disc!

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