Gratitude Entry (No. 9)

When you say thank you, it creates harmony between you and the external condition and observation. It helps you to bring your attention inwards.”

JayaShri Maathaa, Buddhist Monk

I am grateful for Mitchell’s interest in National Public Radio.

I used to find my husband’s quiet obsession with talk radio extremely annoying. My thought was, Radio is for music. (It’s why I flipped the station every time an ad came on — before the blissful blue-tooth era.) As such, I tuned out every time he tuned in.

Twenty years into our relationship, I find myself leaving the dial tuned to NPR — instead of playing the repetitive (but lovely) MP3s on my phone.

At first, it was because I was too tired (i.e. lazy) to change the set-up for the short, five-minute drive towards home (after dropping him at work). A short while later, it was because I found myself interested in what people (of all nationalities) had to say (on all sorts of subjects).

My favorite pieces are the intimate stories — whether they are works of poetry, fiction, personal narrative, or subjective/objective opinions on society as a whole — and yesterday, we heard a beautiful piece by JayaShri Maathaa (a Buddhist monk) on how gratitude changed her life. It seemed fitting to share it here.

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