New: Graphic Art Quotations (Portfolio)

I’m fairly new to WordPress, and make sure to play around with novelty features that I come across in support articles. The “Portfolio” feature recently came to my attention — and it seemed a better way to display the quotation pieces I like to make.

It allows the most recent projects to be featured on my homepage, and keeps them neatly organized in a Portfolio Archive. (View mine here: “Graphic Art Quotations“)

The portfolio feature allows me to post my designs, without bogging down my blog feed. (The downside to this is that your followers are not notified when new projects are posted. However, if you choose a theme that showcases the portfolio feature, projects will be automatically posted on your front page.)

I like it because it keeps my blog feed free of graphic art posts. This is especially handy (in my case) because I dislike using the “featured image” option on my posts; and therefore, my graphic art posts looked empty on the blog roll (showing only a title).

In addition, I received quite a few questions about how I was creating my “art.” (I put that in quotations because I often manipulate free-source art; and then add quotations to it, that are not my own. I’m more a designer, than an artist [in this instance].)

In response to these inquiries, I tried to go back and look at what I had done; but, I kept no record of such things. Trying to work backwards from the finished projects proved difficult; so, I decided that I would start fresh — in order to be able to provide the explanations/instructions that my readers were interested in.

If you click on the project squares within the portfolio, you will now not only see the project itself — but also detailed instructions on how I created it.

I sincerely hope that this proves useful to my readers who were interested in my craft. I realize that you will no longer see the pieces in your post notifications; but my most recent projects can now be found on my front page, directly under my most recent blog posts.

I encourage you to explore them, and please continue to leave your comments and feedback — on posts and projects. I love hearing from you!

My work can also be seen on my “Graphic-Art Quotes” Pinterest board.

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