Friday: The Power of Conversation

If you want to change the course of a day, take the time to have an actual conversation with someone.

It sounds like common sense, I know; but we live in a world where the art of conversation (and yes, there is an art to a good one) is dying.

In the rooms of AA, we often stress how important it is to pick up that cell. “Reach out to another alcoholic!” we shout with enthusiasm. And then we leave the good cheer of that meeting hall, get in our vehicles, and commence our busy lives… with ne’er a thought of the phone, especially if we have some time under our belts, and no longer feel like every little thing is a crisis.

In truth however, with years of sobriety behind me, there is a moment every day when I don’t quite feel like myself. A second (at least) for self-doubt and disappointment.

This morning, it happened while forcing myself to get into the shower. (Yep, there are days when I have to force myself into the damn shower.) I got a glimpse of cellulite in the hallway mirror, and felt utter despair.

I texted a friend about it, but I didn’t feel any better.

And since my friend was not available to take a call, I called my mom. And my brother. And my kid.

Not to disparage over my weight, but to ask how they were doing. And as we talked about subjects that widely varied — the chunk of change to be made in waiting tables, my nephew catching the largest salmon in Alaska, the definition of an NGO and why I might like to work for one — my weight slowly slipped away (from my mind, not my body… though that would have been nice ๐Ÿ˜‚ ). And it hasn’t returned.

In a world where we find ourselves isolated more often than not, the melodic sound of a voice soothes a lonely heart far more effectively than the store-boxed Ding! of a text. There is power to be found in the laughter of a friend or loved one, and commiseration to be had even in tears.

So go on! Look away from the screen for a moment and dial a number. Any number. Dare to change the course of this day. I guarantee, you’ll be better for it.

Published by

Alessa Moon

Alessa is forty-three years old. She is a sober member of Alcoholics Anonymous, has a veritable alphabet of mental health disorders (which she mostly manages), and is currently studying Social and Behavioral Science at the University of Arizona. She lives with her husband, Mitchell, in Tucson.

6 thoughts on “Friday: The Power of Conversation”

  1. Dear Frost,

    Don’t forget. That body is just a loaner anyway. You’re gonna have to give it back some day. You might as well love the damn thing while you have it. Cellulite and all!

    I enjoy reading your stuff. You really get right to the heart of things and are so good at identifying the problem and carrying that through to the solution. Wonderful solution by the way. Uplifting story. I loved it!!

    Sylvan Siren


    1. Thank you, Sylvan… I have very few friends whose minds and hearts inspire me to have such conversations (of which I spoke), but you are truly one of them. I love you, Lady! ๐Ÿ’–


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