Wednesday: Day Three (and Ashtok)

I woke up this morning in a really good mood, excited about the things I wanted to do today; and found myself using that as an excuse to try and weasel out of my morning routine. 😂

It comes down to this: I find the maintenance parts of life — eating, grooming, sleeping, etc. — to be monotonous, boring wastes of time; but, they must be attended to if we hope to make it to each tomorrow. *Exasperated Sigh*

Yoga took twenty minutes, and I hopped right into the shower afterwards. I skipped the ritual Greek Yogurt this morning, but only because I was anxious to fix the damn Bluetooth issues on my laptop.

The driver went spontaneously missing yesterday afternoon, and none of the support articles I found provided any remedy to the issue. Nor did enlisting Mitchell’s expertise. Both tired, we decided that I would try and call support this morning.

After hours of rehashing all the details to both Lenovo and Microsoft support, I finally got routed to Ashtok, who accessed my system remotely, and set about completing all the tasks I’d already completed through FAQ article instruction… except this time, it worked!

I didn’t try to hide my enthusiasm or how impressed I was.

“How on earth did you make it do that, Ashtok?! I did the same damn thing, to no avail!” I exclaimed.

Rather than give some scripted answer from the fiendish individuals who write the hellish Microsoft support articles, Ashtok shared an anecdote with me.

He said that when children in India feign illness to get out of chores or school, they are often presented to a family elder for diagnosis. The child is looked at, asked a couple of questions, and then told that there is a remedy to their problem — an antibiotic injection. When faced with the sight of a needle, many instantaneously recover. He ended his story by saying, “Computers are very much the same, Ms. Cassie.”

Not gon’na lie, Ashtok’s fable — along with his IT prowess — made my day.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference… even from half a world away.

Published by

Alessa Moon

Alessa is forty-three years old. She is a sober member of Alcoholics Anonymous, has a veritable alphabet of mental health disorders (which she mostly manages), and is currently studying Social and Behavioral Science at the University of Arizona. She lives with her husband, Mitchell, in Tucson.

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