When you wake in the morning, are you pumped with creativity? Do you sing (the wrong lyrics — loud and off-key) and dance (like a total dork who has no rhythm what-so-ever) in the shower, while thinking about what you want to write, create, share with the world? Are you sick and tired of icky labels having a say in who you are? Then YOU my friend, are a member of my tribe! Benvenuta! Benvenuto!

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Frost-Hidden is my safe (i.e. blissfully anonymous) space for creativity and word-play. I am passionate about imaginative art and fanciful writing — because imagination is limitless. Limitless, our potential should be — and we all have the capacity to imagine/create outside the lines.

Blank spaces are my jam. Blank spaces long to become inspirational spaces; and that is what I aim for — to awaken the senses of the mind, and to invite others to inspire.

No Longer Comically Batsh*t Fabulous

Originally, I was the author of a blog called Comically Batsh*t Fabulous (a project that morphed into this one). I wrote about my struggles with an alphabetical host of mental-health afflictions (BPD: Borderline Personality Disorder, ADHD, OCD, Complex PTSD), and addiction.

While CBF helped me to better understand my inner-turmoil, it did little to inspire me. I would write, post, and delete. Write, post, and delete. I wasn’t excited about the material I was posting… and too often felt the darkness welling up around — and inside of — me while writing.

Now years into my second round of recovery (the first was a fifteen-year span of white-knuckled sobriety that ended in a devastating four-year relapse), I no longer wish to revisit who I was. I’m more interested in who I am.

Who am I?

I am an artist. A poet. A reader. A writer.

These are the “labels” I hold dear. Tattoos written on my heart in early childhood. Roots that cannot be ruined, nor destroyed.

Creative Roots Inside Us All

The blog is named for the deep, creative roots inside us all; and “Deep roots are not reached by the frost.” (A part of my favorite Tolkien quote, featured on my homepage.) I also thought Frost-Hidden was a cool twist on “frostbitten”… I’m ridiculous that way. *Wink and a smile*

I hope you find inspiration here; and that when you do, you share it freely.