Tolkien’s Wisdom

How It Was Done!

I did a Google search for “frosted tree roots,” and found this piece at iStock.

The next step was to open the image in Photoshop Express and apply a “Dream” filter, with lowered intensity. I then adjusted both the image’s black-level (tuned to negative 75), and its shadows (tuned to negative 100). A black vignette was added with the following settings: amount — negative 65, feather — 80, midpoint — 15, and roundness — 100. I saved the image; and moved on to Canva.

I chose to keep the image in its original aspect ratio (509 x 339) through Canva’s create menu. I added a box-element, with custom color and transparency capabilities. For this piece, I changed the element’s color to black, and changed it’s transparency setting to 85.

For the quotation itself, I used the “Bright Sunshine Caps” 14-point font, and changed the line spacing to 1.2. I added an additional body-text element for the citation, keeping the “Bright Sunshine Caps” font-style — adjusting it to 8-point font.

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